When you’re pregnant, it sometimes feels like your body has been taken over by aliens. All the things you thought you knew about yourself go out the window as your body does its amazing work.

Change that is out of your control can lead you to feel disconnected from your sense of self.

In yoga, we often say that your body is different every time you get on the mat, and we work on accepting that change is a constant. In pregnancy, this is doubly true.

Yoga helps you reconnect with your body and embrace its journey on the path of Motherhood.

During pregnancy, you want to stay in shape and do what is best for your baby-to-be. Prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to do both. In our go-go-go world, yoga offers a much-needed opportunity to slow down and connect with your baby and the transformation you are experiencing.

Pre Natal Yoga at Sankalp is one of the safest as our expert practitioners take every case individually and design a custom plan for the Mother-to-be.

  • We specialize in treating and healing Infertility issues for both Men and Women.
  • Preparing the body in the Pre-Conception Stage
  • Preparing the body for IVF
  • Balancing the Hormones, stabilizing the Nervous System
  • Healthy Weight Loss to aid in Conception
  • Mentally and Emotionally preparing the mother and father for Conception

The Approach

In-depth consultation

Case Analysis

Custom plan for Yoga Practice

Mentor-Mentee Relationship

Usage of Props

Whether you are new to yoga or are already an experienced practitioner, you can reap the many benefits of Pre Natal Yoga. Feel free to reach out to our expert Yoga Therapists at Sankalp Yoga to know more.