Teacher Training Program provides yoga teachers the skills and knowledge necessary to work intelligently with students who are living with health challenges, chronic illness or injury as well as aging populations.

Led by founder of Sankalp Yoga, Summa Ramesh – the Teacher Training program deepens your approach as a yoga teacher and practitioner.

Teacher Training with Summa builds confidence, expands the range of private as well as group classes and increases the tailored-made types of classes you can offer.

Give your teaching your own signature and approach.

Be Creative!

The training offers a great wealth of knowledge in gentler and restorative styles of yoga that can be incorporated into more active classes.

Feel free to contact our Studio if you wish to organize a Teacher Training workshop in your city.

Recent Teacher Training Sessions done in


• Bangalore
• Mysore
• Mumbai
• Delhi
• Kolkata

Out of India

• Egypt
• Dubai
• Singapore