Summa Ramesh Babu

Team of Experts

The founder of Sankalp Yoga, Summa Ramesh is known to use ancient healing therapies from Ayurveda and Naturopathy in her Healing through Yoga. She practices Ayurveda and Naturopathy healing under the guidance of the experts mentioned below.

Dr sanjeev nayak

Dr. Sanjeev Nayak

Ayurvedic Specialist at Vedic Treat

Sri soham

Sri Soham

Advisory Board Member
Soham Ayur Yoga Ashram

Dr mirza

Dr. Mirza

Ismail Naturopathy and Yoga Centre

Chitra Srinivas

Chitra Srinivass

M.Sc in Yoga

Dr Bhavya-1

Dr. C. Bhavya

BAMS in Ayurveda
19th generation Ayurveda Expert
Sri Amba Ayurveda Aushadhalaya

Team at the Studio

The team at Sankalp is known to be extremely patient and diligently trained.

While Summa is the mother figure at the studio,  her Assistant Yoga Trainers play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth functioning of the classes. One of the best things about the team is that they know each case individually with all the details of the case as much as Summa studies it.



Assistant Yoga Trainer


Nilema Nagota

Assistant Yoga Trainer