Whether you are a seasoned Yoga Practitioneer or someone who is looking to learn something new to enrich your lifestyle – we have a range of Workshops and events you can benefit from.

Yoga Workshops and Events are organised on topics which either directly impact your yoga practice or on topics which compliment it.

Workshops and Events conducted on

  • Yoga Workshops for students attending competitive exams
  • Yoga Retreats for NRIs
  • Workshop on Ayurvedic Dinacharya
  • Workshop and hands on learning on ‘Know what you Eat’
  • Sound Meditation and Healing

The Approach

Is there any topic you would want a workshop on? – Feel free to write to us and our experts will come up with an amazing workshop/event to compliment the same.


Hand-on Experience

Led by Experts

Spiritually Uplilifting