Are you searching for beautiful, neat, spacious place

for any kind of yoga, sport, artistic or educational event? 

Yoga TeACHER training


Our studio is fully equipped with yoga props and ready to use fo your convenient teacher training program.

Yoga classes


Recently our studio has capacity to harbour extra yoga classes.



Light and freshness of the studio, appealing atmosphere, all required amenities will help to make your workshop to become successful and unforgettable event.



The soothing, serene, calming, and contemplative atmosphere at Sankalp Yoga Shala is the perfect  space for meditation and other spiritually-enhancing  gatherings or workshops. 

video or photo shoots


The studio is flooded with soft natural light throughout the whole day which make it extremely suitable for any kind of photo or video shooting related to yoga, fitness or dance.

Creative art classes


Inspiring environment and good light conditions are the right ingredients for creative atmosphere of any artistic workshop or activity.