Sankalp Yoga Shala
Sankalp Yoga Shala

Sankalp Yoga® Studio terms & conditions

  • Appointment is mandatory for/to see the therapist. 
  • Client's ailments/ issues either medical, physical or mental will not be discussed or disclosed to anyone and are kept with highest secrecy .
  • Clients  must reveal (the) his/ her problems of any nature to the therapist/ counselor only to offer better solutions and available desired results  to the client. 
  • Each client is obliged to sign Yoga therapy informed consent.
  • Fees once paid is for that specified program and individual.
  • No refund /no transferable.  
  • Safety of the premises is paramount.
  • No cameras
  • Clicking picture of sequence is an offence.
  • No  course or class will be allowed to document for the commercial reasons  and are not allowed to video record the same, falling which you are  committing an offence that's punishable under the court of law. 
  • Outsiders are not allowed to watch or be in the class/ session at any cost, trespassers will be prosecuted. 
  • Right to admission is reserved. 
  • With the permission we will use case study without disclosure of the name to  publish in yoga journals which will help other therapist to help others. 

Thank you..