The splendid journey of divine feminine life...

... is full of challenging episodes such as 

first menstruation, motherhood or menopause. 

Yoga practices and education provided by Sankalp Yoga studio 

helps to manage all these highly demanding phases of woman's life 

with the fully attentive care.

Our Focus

Menstrual Issues


Be a master not a slave of the periodic changes which are happening every month inside of your body.

Learn how to be ready and manage each and every phase of your cycle.

 Bring more awareness to your body and get learn much more during our workshop! 

UTERUS & Ovarian disorders


Physically and mentally painful disorders of reproductive system are overwhelming for every affected woman.

Find the lost harmony of your body within the ancient yogic techniques targeting the issues like Endometriosis, Fibroids, Polycystic ovary disease (PCOD) or Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).



Difficulty to conceive, repeated miscarriages or repeated failure of assisted reproduction treatment (IVF/ IUI) are recently more than common problems in our society. 

Supportive yoga therapy and yoga for couples can help to solve this delicate issue.

Pre & Post Natal Yoga


Get a safe and caring guidance during your prenatal and postnatal chapters of motherhood.

Yoga at Sankalp Studio is one of the safest as our expert practitioners take every case individually and design a custom plan for the Mother-to-be. 

Pelvic bottom issues


Any dysfunction connected with pelvic bottom is very sensitive topic for every woman.

The practices in Sankalp Yoga Shala dedicated to problems like prolapsed uterus, after-delivery recovery or urinary incontinence are bringing back the health and vitality to this sacred part of the female body.



An extensive changes happening in the female body during  the menopause can be compared to hormonal roller coaster ride.

Well-tailored yoga practices & educational workshops created by Sankalp Yoga are helping to find the balance during this challenging ride.

  Join our workshop, relax, have fun and learn how to understand and handle the changes in your body during the menopause.