Sankalp Yoga Shala
Sankalp Yoga Shala

"When this body has been so magnificently and artistically created by God, it is only fitting that we should maintain it in good health and harmony by the most excellent and artistic science of Yoga. "

Geeta Iyengar 

yoga therapy, supported asana with chair

Yoga is a powerful tool ...

... that  is not only for keeping strong and flexible body and calm and focused mind

Due to few efficiency and limitations of the scientific medication, yoga is used as an alternative medicine in managing and healing conditions.  

urdhva mukha svanasana up facing dog variation practice with yoga props in Bengaluru

Sankalp Yoga studio offers classes which are suitable for everybody.

Following of Mysore Yoga style guarantees all-in-one classes which are convenient for healthy routine female and male yoga practitioners (Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga) as well as for women of all ages (Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Fertility Yoga, Hormonal Yoga, Women's Health Yoga) or people who are facing various acute or chronic health issues (Yoga Therapy). 


 ... are ready to use in Sanklap Yoga studio. Following of  Iyengar Yoga practice guarantees keeping focus on the structural alignment of the body through use of props. 

The right props are helping everybody to get to any asana  comfortably and with proper alignments. Restorative poses supported by right props are becoming easy to hold for long periods which increasing their healing effect.

Few examples of yoga props and their role in yoga practice:

  • Bolsters and special cushions are helping with relaxation, softening postures and opening up the body.
  • Yoga belts, bricks  are helping to align the postures and  deepen the stretches.
  • Yoga wheel is used mostly for advanced poses, intense strengthening workouts and balance improvement.
  • Yoga ropes and swings are intensifying yoga practice with the utmost comfort and safety 

Yoga props in Sankalp Yoga shala

Hatha, Ashtanga & Vinyasa Yoga

assisted yoga asana practice in beautiful yoga studio in Jaynagar bengaluru

A slow flowing Hatha Yoga practice is a traditional yoga method that includes Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing), Meditation, Chanting and Mudra. The emphasis in Hatha Yoga is on a holistic practice that balances body, energy and mind.

Astanga yoga is an uplifting approach to accomplish mental and physical well being by practicing a specific series of postures. Practice can be slow and fluent or vigorous and dynamic.

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic and flowing exercise containing a various combination of asanas to strengthen body and mind. Vinyasa means 'connection of movement and breath'.  

All mentioned styles can be practiced separately or in combination according to student's abilities and needs. Wide variety of yoga props are used to modify any asana.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Paschimottanasana variation with chairs

“Yoga Therapy” is the flagship personalized Mentor-Mentee healing session at Sankalp Yoga.

Who should consider this?

Any person with a long or short term illness or any specific condition which they need to restore from.

customised yoga therapy classes with caring approach

The approach of the Therapy is Restorative in nature and is based on the founding belief that there is no ‘One size fits all’.

Following the Mysore Style of Teaching, every case taken on-board involves an in-depth interaction with the student focused on mapping the root cause of the illness. The therapist then designs a step-by-step plan working on mind-body-soul healing.

What is Mysore Style of Yoga?

Dandasana with yoga props, yoga therapy practice

The Mysore style of Yoga asana practice is a particular way of teaching yoga where the classes are not “led” as a whole but rather all instruction is one-on-one within the group class setting. Students practice their own portion of the Ashtanga sequence of asanas at their own pace. 


The teacher assists each student individually by giving physical adjustments & verbal instruction. Each student is given their yoga routine according to their ability and need.

forward bend uttanasana variation hatha yoga with props


The class is ‘Responsive’ to the needs of the student

Each student gets Individual Attention and Personal Yoga Plan.

Specific Treatment for Specific Diseases.

This form of restorative yoga is aided with an intensive usage of props to ensure a practice which is both safe and at the same time healing the practitioner from the illness.

hanumanasana with bolster in Sankalp yoga shala in Bengaluru


  • Increased Self Worth
  • Holistic Healing
  • Improved lifestyle
  • Vibrancy
  • Balance of Energies

Fertility Yoga & Pregnancy Yoga

restorative buttefly pose with support of yoga props

Fertility Yoga

Infertility is one of the most common problems caused by stress and hectic modern lifestyle.  many couples are unable to conceive despite their continuous attempts or multiple assisted reproduction treatments. For these couples the curative practice of yoga can be the right solution.

Healing the body, mind and soul by customized yoga practice can help  to boost the fertility. Our special fertility sequences are nurturing the reproductive system, reducing the anxiety and stress connected with infertility and thus increasing the chances to conceive. 

prenatal pregnancy yoga class, assisted adho mukha svanasana with props


Prenatal and postnatal (postpartum) yoga is an integral part of our Yoga Therapy classes. 

We guarantee safe, caring & individually focused guidance by experienced teachers through all stages of your motherhood.

Learn strengthening & relaxing  asanas, pranayamas & beneficial relaxation techniques  to feel physically, mentally and emotionally better throughout and after pregnancy.

How does the regular yoga practice affecting the human body?

SKELETAL & muscular systems

SKELETAL & muscular systems

SKELETAL & muscular systems

  • spine curvature correction 
  • spinal compression reduction 
  • muscles toning
  • muscle strength & flexibility enhancement
  • osteoporosis prevention
  • the whole body posture & alignment correction

circulation system

SKELETAL & muscular systems

SKELETAL & muscular systems

  • blood pressure balancing (decrease/ increase)
  • heart streghtening
  • pulse rate lowering
  • nutrients & oxygen transport enhancement
  • the risk of coronary artery disease reduction 
  • cardiovascular fitness enhancement
  • level of red blood cells increase

Respiratory System

SKELETAL & muscular systems

Respiratory System

  • respiratory rate decrease
  • lung efficiency improvement
  • cardiovascular fitness enhancement
  • oxygenation of all tissues & organs improvement

Digestive System

Immune & Lymphatic System

Respiratory System

  • digestive functions & efficiency improvement
  • metabolism balancing (hunger control & healthy weight maintenance)
  • digestive disorders removal

Immune & Lymphatic System

Immune & Lymphatic System

Immune & Lymphatic System

  • immune &  lymphatic system strengthening
  • detoxification processes improvement
  • lower stress hormones that compromise the immune system 
  • anti-inflammatory effect in the body 

Endocrine system

Immune & Lymphatic System

Immune & Lymphatic System

  • balancing of hormonal secretion by pressurize and depressurize endocrine glands 
  • beneficial effect on a stress response 
  • help to control emotions
  • metabolism correction.
  •  “fight or flight” mode are repression
  • sleep improvement

nervous system

nervous system

nervous system

  • activation of parasympathetic nervous system (slow down heart beats, blood pressure balancing, increasing blood flow to skin and digestive system, helping to control inflammation)
  • stimulation of the Vagus nerve
  • relaxation response induction
  • positive behavioral changes
  • cognitive functions improvement
  • negative emotion control enhancement